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Re: [cdt-dev] CDT News file

> > 
> > I'm so sorry,
> No worries.
> > but this idea is in the bugzilla a long time.
> > 
> >
> > 
> This PR was proposing to add ChangeLogs to the builds, so it can be
> distributed also.  I have no problem with that ... except that
> not all committers do the ChangeLogs.
> Now if you are saying that we should add the NEWS file for distribution
> sounds good to me,  This PR component should be "cdt-releng" not cdt-doc

I'm pretty sure, at the time i filed the PR, there was no cdt-releng,
anyway, I changed it to releng.

The intent i filed it was, to have something to read about changes done in a
specific build and stuff in progress/wanted. Or having something like a
history. Just some short excerpt for someone, who can not be online all the
time, using zip-dists.

Right now, this "other" include myself, since I'm not connected, not even
┬ÁBaud, at home.

NEU +++ DSL Komplett von GMX +++
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