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Re: [cdt-dev] CDT patch format submission

> The only formatting I do is organize imports. Otherwise, I let the 
> original writer of the code make these kind of decisions.

It does not scale well.
I do not think it is something bad for a project to impose
a format so it can provide consistency across its source code.

> My guess is that you'll have a hard time getting consensus on this, 
> especially on coding style.

The level of tolerance for the CDT, so far been very high ... unless your code
look like some of our engineer here:

> I'd rather make a strong suggestion to 
> minimize code changes to make it easier to deal with aging patches.

Sure, "if it ain't broken .."
But contrarely to say the AST parser, or the debugger, I do expect
the number of people contributing to the UI code to rise and consistency
in a source code bring down the stress factor and the chance of going bald.

allright then ...

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