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[cdt-dev] Building Configurations?

Title: Building Configurations?

Two questions about building configurations and potential support moving forward in CDT:

1) In some other leading IDEs, "Build All" means build all configurations.  Right now (at least in 2.0.2; haven't checked 2.1 yet) build all builds all projects but only the active configuration in that project.

Is there any thoughts/opinions about making/adding the ability to build all configurations in managed make and supporting it somehow in standard make?    

2)  Right now (again 2.0.2) dependent managed make projects are invoked and built on the active configuration in those projects.  That implies that if you want a project and its dependent projects to build a release version, the user must manually go into each project and set the active configuration to release before doing a build of the including project.  Any thoughts on how to automatically build the "right" configuration instead of just the active one, or maybe a way in managed make invocation of the dependent projects specifying which configuration to build?

These problems are related to dependent projects and support of "super" projects that include the output from other projects (similar to how Update Site projects include the output from feature projects).


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