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RE: [cdt-dev] CDT Build - What does "Updating Project..." actuall y do?

In light of the recent responses it seems the only thing you can do
currently is make your CM system (ClearCase) run as fast as possible.  We
are in the same boat.  Our best performance comes from locally stored
snapshot views.  This will get you as close to native filesystem
performance as possible.  Of course, with a multi-thousand file project,
there may always be a considerable delay with the project refresh (Updating

Chad Barnes
Rockwell Collins, Inc.

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We were used to develop under linux without any IDE.
We are tyring to integrate IDE to our development.
Our standard  projets are all made of more than 1000 C/C++ files.

After a buid command, we are waiting for a while with"Updating Project..."
 And it's quite longer because we are working under the IBM Rational
ClerCase plugin (cms tool).

So, we are looking for a efficient way to work. It's not easy to organize
our project into several projects.
Several projects give some benefits et a lot of disadvantges

Have you some issues to improve the performance of the IDE ?

Eric Celerse
Thales Underwater Systems S.A.S

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Some of our users of the CDT are complaining about poor performance.  Well,
there are many contributors to this, but one in particular is a post-build
delay. After the makefile has been built, the build continues to run for a
while with the "Updating Project..." message.  What is it doing?  With some
of our projects, even if trivial builds, this can take 30 seconds or longer
(granted, there are a lot of files in the project).

For this particular project, there may be 500 C/C++ files, but only a
handful are used for the build.  There are likely thousands of files total.
These files are coming from a linked resource.  It is a standard make

If I can determine what is occuring at this time, I can begin to eliminate
bottlenecks (is it the network, the CM system, etc?).


Chad Barnes
Rockwell Collins, Inc.

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