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[cdt-dev] Totally new to cdt dec, need a little help

Hi All,
    I'm working as a C developer in a company and i think i'm loosing my time writing almost same code every time ... I've discovered the CDT project but i'd like to add some personnal features (in fact i'd like to simulate OOP in C).
    I'd just wanna know where i should have a look if i want to add the followings features :
- a proprietary managed make C project (for handling with a proprietary folder structure in order to simulate private/protected/public behavior).
- add a 'New Class' entry in contextual menu (in order to create a simili C object, with suitable headers and implementations) and a 'generate setters and getters' entry.
    Moreover, i anyone can explian in few words the overview architecture of the cdt plugin (core, debug, etc.) it'll be fine

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