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AW: Indexer (was Re: [cdt-dev] CDT 3.0 new features)

One main problem I had with the Indexer is that it does not recognise
typedefs of pointer-to-member-functions

example A.h :

1: class A 
2: {
3: public:
4:   typedef void (A::*ptom)(int);
5: };
7: typedef A::ptom PTOM; // <- Indexer: "Attempt to use symbol failed : ptom .."

Moreover, if a C++ member function has i.e. PTOM as return value then
the content assist doesn't work within the definition of the function.

example A.cpp :

1: PTOM A::func() // <- Indexer: "Attempt to use symbol failed : PTOM .."
2: {
3:   // content assist does not work in here
4: }
6: int A::func2()
7: {
8:   // code completion works fine (except function pointers)
9: }

I work with Eclipse 3.0.1 and CDT 2.1 RC3.
Sorry for disturbance but I did not get an answer on the mailing list

Volker Kaiser

-----Urspr√ľngliche Nachricht-----
Von: Leon Pollak [mailto:leonp@xxxxxxxxx]
Gesendet: Dienstag, 30. November 2004 16:37
An: cdt-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx
Betreff: Indexer (was Re: [cdt-dev] CDT 3.0 new features)

On Tuesday 30 November 2004 16:43, John Camelon wrote:
> Please forgive us if we do not remember what your exact concerns regarding
> the indexer are.
> We are looking at addressing common concerns regarding correctness,
> performance and scalability.
> Let us know specifically what shortcomings you believe should be
> addressed.
Thanks a lot for the answer.

Some time ago (about 3-4 months) I posted some questions about the indexer 
behavior (or better to say not behavior :-)) and was told that these are 
known issues which will be treated.

it does not find almost anything in my even C code (already not speaking about 

More specific. For example, C code with functions been called from one file, 
while function declaration is in another - always causes "the operation is 
unavailable on the current selection". 

This also happens even in the case when the tool tip shows, for example, 
structure declaration from the same *.c file, but F3 button does nothing, 
except error message in the status bar.

Well, actually, I checked this again and there was no one case when the F3 
button gave me something except red error message.

May be something is wrong in my RH9+GTK installation?

I did not wanted to disturb people and simply waited for some movement on the 

Leon M.Pollak
leonp at plris dot com

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