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Re: [cdt-dev] Unable to see C++ Project (very much in need of help)

You are not getting an answer because this is not a support forum. This is where the developers of the CDT discuss design issues and release schedules. These types of questions are best posted on the CDT newsgroup.

That said, since I have responded to you, let's get this sorted out with the minimum wasted bandwidth. Basically, I have no idea what is wrong with your setup. The only difference between "org.eclipse.cdt-2.0.win32.win32.x86" and "org.eclipse.cdt.sdk-2.0-win32.win32.x86" is that SDK gives you the source code for the plugin. You do not need both. I have never had the same degree of difficulty you are experiencing with the update site, although I have not used it recently. Have you looked inside the "other" category for the C/C++ perspective or the new C/C++ project wizards? Have you looked in the Help > About Eclipse Platform > Feature Details to see if the plugins are recognized by Eclipse? Without that information, anything I say is just a guess.

Good luck,

Sean Evoy
Rational Software - IBM Software Group
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

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08/30/2004 10:08 AM

Please respond to

[cdt-dev] Unable to see C++ Project (very much in need of help)

Hi All!

I installed MinGW and then eclipse3.0. After, I did extract
org.eclipse.cdt-2.0-win32.win32.x86 and then copied the contents of plugins
and feature into the plugins and features of eclipse3.0 (respectively).
Closed eclipse2.0 and started again. I did see

"The CDT project provides a set of plugins that implement a C/C++ IDE.
It adds a C/C++ Perspective to the Eclipse Workbench that supports C/C++
development with a number of views, wizards, a powerful editor, and a
To open the C/C++ perspective: Click Window > Open Perspective > C/C++
And in addition to what I read from "Installing and running the CDT" on
I clicked at Window, selected Open Perspective, but could not find "C/C++
Developement", neither could I find C/C++ Project.

All I could see are
cvs ...
java browsing
team synchronising

Please I am desperately in need of help. Could any one tell me what I am
doing wrong and how I could proceed further.
Thanks in anticipation

NB: my operating system is windows 2000


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