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RE: [cdt-dev] Editor structure

Thanks Alain. 

By number I mean the constant numbers like: 0x0016, 13ul and so on.
I like when I can define different color for numbers, so they could easily be located in the code.


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> I would like to extend the syntax highlighting of C++ editor, so can =
> anyone point me to the documentation that explains differences between =
> partition scanners and scanners within editor. I'm not sure when should =
> I provide my own partition scanner and how the scanner for the this =
> partition should look like.=20

in the tools menu

Help --> Help Contents

The section on Programming.

> What I would like to achieve is provide syntax highlighting for:
> - preprocessor directives the way they are handled in the Borland =
> editors (C++ Builder and C++ Builder X)
> - numbers

Numbers ?

> - tasks tags=20

for this, another person call ... Igor, commited some code.  It was
disable for some reason(for the higher load required from the parser ?)
Do not recall.  But the code and the preference pages were disable, they
still sit in repository.

> I thought to create simple code assistant for preprocessor directives, =
> but I don't think anybody needs one.
> Thanks
>   Igor

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