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[cdt-dev] No C/C++ perspective


After the installation and restart of eclipse, I got the following
"The CDT project provides a set of plugins that implement a C/C++ IDE.
It adds a C/C++ Perspective to the Eclipse Workbench that supports C/C++
development with a number of views, wizards, a powerful editor, and a
debugger. The CDT is designed to provide an extensible architecture, that
will provide support for integration of tools provided by Independent
Software Vendors. 
This page will help familiarize you with the Eclipse C/C++ development
tooling. To get started, read the sections below and click on the related
The C/C++ perspective 
To open the C/C++ perspective: Click Window > Open Perspective > C/C++

But when I click window/open perspective, I do not find c/c++ Developmente
instead I do find cvs..., debug, java ... etc.

Does it mean I am missing something? Tips please!

NB: I did install MinGW 


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