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[cdt-dev] How do I learn to use CDT? (newbie to Eclipse)

Please feel free to redirect me to a more appropriate list:

I'm new to Eclipse, but from what I've seen of the CDT in my few hours of tinkering, and Dr. Dobbs Journal articles, I want to learn a lot more about it.

What resources do you recommend? Are there good books worth buying?

I specifically am interested in setting up an environment for an embedded development effort. (using GNU CC for PowerPC target) We develop safety critical code here, so I'm very interested in the parsing abilities discussed here so that we can generate set-use tables, enforce coding standards, perform various unit-test related activities, simulation integration, etc.. None of what I have in mind seems out of reach of Eclipses' intended use. We have some internal tools that I'd think we would like to integrate with the environment too, resources willing.
I suppose it's a long shot, but what would you guys recommend? My first goal is to simple use Eclipse as a development IDE. (i.e. edit files and drive builds via GNU-CC for PowerPC. We already have the PowerPC toolchain working via the "cygwin" environment, but of course alternatives are welcome)

Thanks again!


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