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Re: [cdt-dev] Using CDT with VS

If you hunt through the cdt-debug-dev archives you'll find instructions 
for setting up our win32 debugger plugins. They are built using Ant and 
the Visual C++ Toolkit. This is a good item for our FAQ that I'll take a 
look at after I get back from holidays.

Doug Schaefer, IBM's Eclipse CDT Architect
Ottawa (Palladium), Ontario, Canada

"Malhotra, Vijendra" <Vijendra.Malhotra@xxxxxxxxxxx> 
Sent by: cdt-dev-admin@xxxxxxxxxxx
08/18/2004 06:06 AM
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[cdt-dev] Using CDT with VS

I know this question might have popped up more than once, but is there
anyone who has used CDT with VS? Also is there anyone who can help me with
using Ant for a C++ project using CDT. I need information to get started 
if you can send me some examples then that will be fine as well.

Vijendra Malhotra
Fixed Income Development
Thomson Business Information India Pvt. Ltd
# 15, Pinnacle, Bahai's Bavan Road,
Bangalore - 560 025
+91 80 25550333 X 3362

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