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Re: [cdt-dev] Help extension proposal

> Hi, all!
> I would like to initiate here discussion of CDT help enhancement ( see =
> bugzilla entry =9A =
> ).
> I will greatly appreciate your feedbacks.

The proposal looks promising.

CDT has an extension point CCompletionContributor, that provides 
hovering documentation and few other infos, it is use on different actions
hovering, add include, content assist.

we want to retire, the contributions for "add include" and "content assist" and
provide implementation base solely on the debugger, for the future.

But the hovering contribution is still in use, see
also see Chris Moller worked on this, he provided help for GTK and other
GNU/Linux documentation based on the texinfo.  

Your proposal did not mention this, meaning the ICCompletionContributor interface
and extension point on how they fit with the current proposal.  It would be good
to rally all those loose ends.

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