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Re: [cdt-dev] CDT Roadmap Proposal

> Is there somewhere we can look to find out what the "major debugger
> enhancements" for 2.1 are?  Is this fully captured in the list of debug
> items targeted for 2.1 in bugzilla?

You can separate the debugger in two:

- platform dependent
  * GDB/MI plugin
  * Win 32 plugin, new addition (incomplete).

- platform independent
   * org.eclipse.cdt.debug.core
   * org.eclipse.cdt.debug.ui
   * org.eclipse.cdt.launch

On the platform independent plugins, major surgery is ongoing.  Meaning
we are going through a second iteration: cleaning up things, nuking obsolete code,
working with Eclipse/debug folks when necessary for bugs in the platform, following
Eclipse-3.0 guidelines(3.0 was a major improvement on the debugger side), cleanup UI etc ..
This is heavy work that could not be completed on GA_2.0.
Mikhailk is carrying the load of those changes, he can elaborate more if needs be.

Platform dependent:
- On this front, we are looking of taking advantage of MI level 2
  and monitoring the gdb mailing list.  "mi2" offers some new features/commands.
  To do this there is some underlying framework that needs to be in place.
  Also the gdb maintainer(A. C.) made new proposals to MI, and we need to track
  all the activities for CDT.

- Register grouping, some interests by some folks here, altough GDB nor MI
  offers this, the idea was to provide a way to group registers.

- Thread breakpoints, it may not mean a thing on some platform, but we
  can still emulate it.  MI offers support for it.

- Catch/Throw exception,  there is some level of support for this in GDB
  not complete, since this rely on C++ ABI(GCC) and it may not be possible
  to catch specific exceptions.

- Looking at 0yvind patches 8-)

- Second iteration of the CDI interface to provide better support for Multi-process
  and multi-thread.

- Changes from Intel proposal for IAddress .. pending

- Changes to support Target model (remote system) ... pending.

We are still exploring the avenues, so it is hard to put a timeline on it.
If you something specific in mind that was not covered by a bugzilla PR or here
please post. 

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