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[cdt-dev] Remote System Meeting Minutes


I am not really use to take minutes so hopefully it will cover all the
main points which have been said in the conference call, but if you feel
something is missing feel free to complete.


- Leo from Intel
- Sumit from HP
- Sam, Ravi, Jeremy from TimeSys
- Alex, David from QNX
- Doug from IBM
- TI (Was it Chris? I missed the name, sorry)

- The first part explained what was the goal of the remote system
proposal and what was in.
The goal is to provide a framework to provide information on how to
connect to a target as well as allowing to add services to a target.

- different usage has been specified as of interest by some of the
participants: simulator, IP box/serial box on which operation (build,
debug, etc...) would be executed.

- Services:
* we should be able to get capability for a target. For this purpose,
services should register their capability to a service manager.
* we should be able to get target information: it would be a specific
* target events: would be part of service implementations
* ssh, rsh, telnet: would be a service

- In order to use target capability (e.g.: file transfer, etc...)
without having to know of a specific services, common interfaces need to
be defined for each of these capabilities. 

- protocol should be renamed communication interface (or
communicationinterface in the xml)

- security would be implemented by services

- UI
* a target view presenting all available target will be provided
* target properties (property pages) will presents communication
interface settings and service settings
[ not mentioned during the call but should likely added as well are
preference pages for services to set default general value ]

- storage
settings will be stored in the metadata (local) and in the project
directory (shared) depending on the user choice (similar to launch
configuration). Import/export capability should be provided. While in
the project directory, the settings would be stored in .target file

- release target would be the one after 2.1

- first implementation will be done by MontaVista and will include the
framework and UI + some capabilities interface definition at least.
Services and more capabilities would be added by contribution once the
first implementation is available.

I'll add these minutes also to bugzilla.

Thanks to all the participants.

MontaVista Software Inc.

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