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Re: [cdt-dev] Preferences

Thanks for the reply, but where do you get the "project" arg for getCProjectDescription(project, false)? So far as I can figure out, the only circumstance under which any variation of whatever.getProject() returns anything but null is from inside the a PropertyPage extension. There has to be a way to communicate preferences out of the PropertyPage class, but damned if I can find it.

Chris Moller

Alex Chapiro wrote:

I use for that  ICDescriptor class instance

ICDescriptor descriptor = CCorePlugin.getDefault().getCProjectDescription(project, false);
       Element element = descriptor.getProjectData(SECTION_ID);

And then move through DOM elements tree:

       for(Node child = element.getFirstChild();
           null != child;
           child = child.getNextSibling()) {
           if(!(child instanceof Element))
           if(MyName.equals(child.getNodeName())) {
           }                   }

Chris Moller wrote:

A question for the world at large:

In CDT, I've written a plugin that, as part of what it does, sets up a PropertyPage that ultimately stores info in the per-project .cdtproject file. Now, how do I retreive that info from elsewhere in the plugin?

Any hints would be appreciated.

Chris Moller
Senior Hacker
Red Hat, Inc.

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