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Re: [cdt-dev] Remote System conference call

As I didn't receive any response I guess it is ok with everyone. So we
are on on Tuesday, August 10th at 10:30am EST.

Dial-in: 877 326 2337
International Dial-in: 303 928 3232
Conference ID: 2173539

MontaVista Software Inc.

On Wed, 2004-08-04 at 14:14, Pierre-Alexandre Masse wrote:
> Hi all,
> This morning I mentioned that we (MontaVista) were about to start a
> first implementation of the Remote System Model (also called Target
> Model) that we would give back to the community.
> We started discussion on that (bug 65471) already a little while ago and
> would like to get as much feedback as possible before launching the
> development phase.
> This morning in the CDT conference call people suggested a conference
> call so that everyone have a chance to express their point of view.
> The proposed date is Tuesday 10th August 2004 at 10:30am EST (or 7:30am
> PST).
> If the time and date don't work for anyone who would like to
> participate, please speak up and we'll try to find another time to
> accommodate everyone. If nobody object I will confirm sending call
> details on Friday.
> Here is a proposed agenda:
> - Introduction of all the participants (5-10 minutes)
> - Presentation of MontaVista's proposal (15 minutes)
>     - general problematic we are trying to solve
>     - general design explanation (you can also have a look at bugzilla
> bug 65471 for details)
> - discussions (30 minutes - possibly more if needed)
>     - what is of interest of other participants (what they would like to
> have, what is the highest priority, what they would like to be able to
> do, what they don't like in the proposal)
> If anyone would like to add something to the agenda, please let me know.
> Pierre-Alexandre
> MontaVista Software Inc.
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