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[cdt-dev] Microsoft tools and debugger


We are interested in running Microsofts toolchain and debugging tools with
Eclipse. There are several reasons for this, but I feel that it's
off-topic to mention them here.

Is there a strategy or a will to support other toolchains than GNUs in CDT
in the future? I have seen this question silently raised a couple of times
but never seen a real answer.

As for now we have an external buildsystem using CL.EXE and friends, and
the only integration with Eclipse is the VC errorparser.
We would like to be able to set specific toolchain (make,compiler,link)
options that would produce nmake-makefiles, build dlls, make the indexer
behave correctly, and being able to debug. This, only by developing a
plugin to extend these functionalities in CDT. As for now I don't see that
possible (without rewriting/loosing a lot of existing functionality), due
to the tight integration with gcc and gnu-make. Correct me where I'm

Douglas Schaefers Win32Debugger seemed very promising. Though I never got
it to work when I tried it, the framework is there. Is someone working on
this project? Otherwise I think that this could be something that we could
spend time on developing.


Daniel Olsson
Purple Scout Software AB
Mobile: +46 733 22 90 04

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