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Re: [cdt-dev] Vlad for Committer

> I'd like to nominate Vlad Hirsl for committer. He's done some pretty cool 
> things with his scanner config work (I'm still pleasantly surprised when I 
> create a project and see the built in include paths show up in the 
> Includes list). He's also worked hard to address the issues raised by our 
> test team here. Plus a few odds and ends like the hp-ux binary parser and 
> some translations bug fixing.

100% in agreement.
A fantastic job, with the Binary Parsers and with keeping up the discovery stuff.
And I'm guessing much more goodies coming for 2.x

> In the future, he'll be working more on core features as we shore up our 
> parser work, so I'd like him to have access to cdt-core as well as 
> cdt-build to finish any work on scanner config.


According to the legend, Dracula's given name was ... Vlad.
There is a "je ne sais quoi" when Vlad is smiling that makes you go hmm....

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