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[cdt-dev] Sanity CDT Build

Recommendation:      Aside from some new problems in the JUnit testing area, there is nothing new to comment on.  Build can be adopted.

Test Windows
0 697 tests, 13 failures
  55891: 13 JUnit tests fails for build
1 Pass
2 Pass
3 Pass
4 Pass
5 Pass
6 Pass
7 Pass
8 (existing issue) 54836: Debug blue source pointer now showing when stepping through code...
(existing issue) 50221: Editor marker bar does not display new breakpoints
9 (existing issue) 54842: 3 CDT nested exceptions after shutting down Eclipse
(existing issue) 55149: ScannerConfig messages in log file


None at this time

Sanity testing assumes your environment is set up with:

a. Sun JDK 1.4.2_02 on your path ("java -version")
b. g++, nm, c++filt is on your path
c. "gdb -version" = 5.2.1, 5.3, or 6.0
d. You run Eclipse (with or without the -data argument)
e. Use Install/Update Perspective to get to

Sanity Tests:

0.  JUnit Test Results
1.  Creating new standard/managed C/C++ projects
2.  Import existing projects.
3.  Automatic building of a project.
4.  Building a managed make project.
5.  Building a standard make project.
6.  Files are parsed for language highlighting, and for Outline View.
7.  C/C++ search from the Search dialog.
8.  You can create and run debug configurations.
9.  Close the session and look for silent failures captured in the .metadata/.log file.

James Ciesielski
IBM Rational Software, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

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