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Re: [cdt-dev] Committer rationalization

> Hi folks,
> up for vote is a proposal to clean up and group the plugins into a few
> logical groups, and rationalize the list of committers for each of these 
> groups. The specific proposal is shown below (also attached as an excel 
> spreadsheet). In all cases, committers are not losing any commit
> access to any plugins, but are instead gaining additional commit rights.
> The main goal for this is to streamline and align the commiters with the
> subproject in CDT, and remove the anomalies, such as having committers only
> having access to cdt.core and not cdt.ui. Note that this list also removes 
> inactive committers from the project.
> Please provide your feedback and votes back to the list.

1- What about the new plugins ?
   a) org.eclipse.cdt.debug.core.tests
      Only debug UI tests was created
   b) the GNU plugins ?

2- If Sean does not have access to the org.eclipse.cdt.core.tests
   than create a new plugin for the managedbuild tests.  We want to
   encourage testing not make it a barrier.

3- I will need writing access to:
   a) org.eclipse.cdt.doc.isv
      The original drafts for this plugin will come for the developers
   b) the releng stuff
      Many time after heavy refactoring, I need it to fix things .. not a must.

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