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Re: [cdt-dev] Question: CDT Debugging on x86_64

> Where there is no definition for X86_64 or IA64 architectures. Was this
> done intentionally or was it left out by mistake assuming that eclipse
> (and the CDT) will not be used on 64 bit machines? 
> Can I just go ahead and add in the definitions for X86_64 and IA64? In
> which case what are the values of e_machines for those 2 architectures
> defined in the same file?

  PR 30095
The Elf class( does not understand ELF64 format.
Puting definition for xx_64 maybe a short term solution.

Unfortunately, the Elf class is not easily extendable
and doing "unsigned long long" in java .. is tricky 8-).

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