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Re: [cdt-dev] Managed Make and how you use it

> > >Some of these are addressed in CDT 2 and some in patches.  But=20
> > >my general concern that I'm trying to grasp is the state of=20
> > >the Managed Make facility in terms of flexibility.  Are most=20
> > >people finding that it fulfills their needs (it seems to be=20
> > >very .c/.cpp to executable centric)?=20
> We've run into a similar problem, where a customer wanted to
> designate an arbitrary file extension as being a C/C++ source
> file, and have it participate in the IDE as a first-class
> citizen (ex, show up in the outline view, available via the
> indexer, etc.)
> You can use the Eclipse facilities to designate the file as
> having the C/C++ editor as it's default, but that doesn't do
> anything to solve the problem of having it particpate elsewhere.
> I'd suggest an extension mapping facility, so that users can
> define (on a workspace level) how to map a file name onto a
> file type, ex:
>   *.c   --> { lang=3D"c" type=3D"source" origin=3D"org.eclipse.cdt" }
>   *.cpp --> { lang=3D"c" type=3D"source" origin=3D"org.eclipse.cdt" }
>   *.h   --> { lang=3D"c,c++" type=3D"header" origin=3D"org.eclipse.cdt" =
> }
>   *.inl --> { lang=3D"c" type=3D"header" origin=3D"user" }
>   *.idl --> { lang=3D"idl" type=3D"source" =
> origin=3D"org.neato-cdt-plugins.midl" }
> Putting together a preference page, edit dialogs, etc. would be
> pretty straightforward work.  The hard part would be finding all
> the various places that have hardcoded assumptions about file types
> and changing them over to use a type resolution API.
> If anyone else has a better solution, I'd like to hear it... if
> not, then I'd be happy to do a bit more research and put together
> a more formal suggestion.

PR 52864

What we wanted to for CDT-2.0 was simple, especially since in C++
files are not require to have extensions.

Based on the number of Cc: on this PR, you can tell it is a high runner 8-)
But if you want to contribute on this particular aspect we can work things out.

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