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Re: [cdt-dev] CDT Debugging

> We're implementing an MI implementation of our own debugger, in order 
> to more easily integrate within the CDT. However, we started running 
> into issues with two pieces of functionality:
> 1. Suspending the running application
> 2. Displaying a disassembly view
> 1. When we run our app (in our debugger), the suspend icon never 
> becomes enabled. When we started to research this, we found that the 
> GDB MI plug-in doesn't ever enable the suspend icon either. What am I 
> missing? How can I make this icon become enabled?

The GDB MI level 1 plugin parses the output of GDB
when it sees:


It fires a suspended event (ICDISuspendedEvent) with whatever the reason
and the source being the target.

The event is catch and process by the CDT Debug Core handlers.

> 2. I know that this is more of a user-related question (I should hit 
> the newsgroups), but is there a way to turn on a disassembly view? I'd 
> love to be able to use standard functionality for our own debugger 
> there.
> Thanks.

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