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[cdt-dev] Globalizing the CDT


Some of you may recall that back in November '03 at the CDT 2.0 kickoff meeting, the IBM presentation listed Globalization (G11N) and Accessibility along with the other features that IBM intended to work on during the CDT 2.0 timeframe.

As we embark on these activities, I wanted to communicate to the rest of the CDT community what we are doing, why we are doing it and how other contributors can help.

Tanya Wolff, a member of the CDT Quality Engineering team here at IBM has started going through the CDT code to find where there are globalization issues, and figuring out how to use the tools available within Eclipse (like the String Externalization tool) to resolve them.

There are a couple of ways we could address the areas that need attention:

        1) Tanya can create patches that you (the committers on various plugins) apply

        2) You (the committers on various plugins) can run the tool/scripts and make the necessary changes yourselves

It would probably be more efficient for committers to run the scripts/tools themselves rather than processing multiple patch requests from Tanya. Tanya has already created a couple of patches to illustrate the kinds of things that need to be done, and we will follow up shortly with a detailed description of how to do it and who (in our humble opinion) is best positioned to do it for each area.

Our overall goal is to surface all of the areas of the CDT that need attention from a globalization perspective and get them addressed so that the CDT can be translated. Teams internal to IBM would then translate the CDT into several languages (French, German, Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Japanese Korean), and we would contribute the translated resource packs back into the project as open source.


Kleo Hapitas
Program Manager
IBM Software Group - Rational
Tel: (613) 591 2913

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