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RE: [cdt-dev] Toolchains in CDT

> Please, I think this has been a point of contention: we are *not*
> proposing that we replace the current model.  We would like to
> have the factory toolchain extension point available *in addition to*
> the existing model based on extension points.
> Right now, we (TimeSys) have over 100 distinct toolchains...

Sam and Jeremiah's toolchain proposal would be a big step in the direction
of making the CDT a flexible, universal C/C++ IDE, which is one of the
major CDT goals, isn't it?  It would help us support the many C and C++
toolchains we use and should be attractive to others in the same situation.
Another important aspect is multiple toolchains per project since the same
source code is often compiled with a host and a target toolchain.

Paul Streit
Enterprise Tool Integration
Rockwell Collins, Inc.
(319) 295-6114

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