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Re: [cdt-dev] Toolchains in CDT

> OK.  The binary parser is the area I know the least about at this point.
> As a toolchain provider our goal was to have a user be able to choose a
> "toolchain" from a drop-down containing a set of known toolchains,
> rather than specifying the path for each tool individually.  That way we
> can extend an extension point and advertise that our tools are available
> on the machine.  We could probably implement that completely in the UI.
> (No changes to IBinaryParser or any of its implementations.)  Do you
> think that would be acceptable?  Or will your changes to the spec handle
> this case?

Ok, that's fine with me, we could just add an adapter to deal with this
for the binary parser.

  - where will the toolchain be use?
When I look at the scenarios, I do not see a lot of use cases.
parser, indexer, search etc ..
i.e. I certainly the usefullness of this for the Managed Builder, though.

  - It does seem like a nice service that CDT core could provide,
but I'm confuse about the interface, does ToolFactory maintains
tools IPath's ?  Will it return interfaces say , IAddr2line.class ?
Do you define a set of tools(nm, addr2line, c++filt, ...) ? 

  - Lets try other plausible cases, "strip" or "ar".  Supose we extend
the IBinaryParser to strip debug symbols information to another file.  The user
use an BinaryParser that is implementend on top of IToolChain, we ask for
"strip", it returns a path .. but then what, unfortunately not all "strip"
are equals and behave the same with the same options/arguments.
What I mean is that you sometimes need to change the behaviour of a tool
(for a GNU tool, this can be done via different arguments), how can this
be done, with the IToolChain.

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