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Re: [cdt-dev] CDT and Eclipse M7

Do the junit tests work?

The icons I believe are due to extension point id change, should be a simple fix.


Douglas Schaefer wrote:

Hey all,

I've tried out the CDT on the latest Eclipse builds and we seem to be fine. There should be no code changes to get to Eclipse M7. That should mean we will remain compatible from M6 onwards. (i.e. CDT 2.0 M6 will run on Eclipse 3.0 M7 and CDT 2.0 M7 will run on Eclipse 3.0 M6). I will be posting a CDT 2.0 M7 build against Eclipse 3.0 M7 as soon as it is blessed. If there we find any stability issues, we will release a M7a (but I hope not).

Note that we are having an issue with the breakpoint icons but that appears to have been happening lately anyway.

Doug Schaefer, Senior Software Developer
IBM Rational Software, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

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