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Re: [cdt-dev] (no subject)

cdt-dev-admin@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote on 02/12/2004 11:25:27 AM:

> Folks,
>   I mentioned about adding a timeout to the amount of time that
> an operation should wait for the indexer.  I currently have
> run across a very serious usability issue.  With the indexer
> fixes that Bogdan has put in, the indexer now reliably will no
> longer just "die" when there is some sort of fault.  This is
> great.
>   The downside is that I've determined that a particular project
> I have will take ~5h to index (500 files/10min w/ 15,000 files
> total).  If I hit Ctrl-Space to "code complete" then my system
> goes blocked until the indexer finishes.
>   Obviously this isn't what we would like to have.  I would like
> to submit a patch for this, but there are a couple of approaches
> and I'm looking for advice on what would be most readily acceptable
> for the 1.2 branch.  What I'm proposing as a short/safe solution
> would be
> - Adjust the SearchEngine to have an additional search() method
>   that would also take an option on how to deal with the indexer:
>   ICSearchConstants.CANCEL_IF_NOT_READY,
> - Adjust the CodeCompletion to use the FORCE_IMMEDIATE_SEARCH
>   for the 1.2 release to stop the indexing temporarily while
>   the completion proposals are searched out.

As long as the user is made aware that more results are coming, I think this
is the most user-friendly solution.

I had looked into putting this in for Hoda at the very end of 1.2, but it
was messing up the merge operation. It is on my to-do list for 2.0, so
let me take a look at it today...

> This would lead to "different results at different times", the
> other alternative would be to use the CANCEL_IF_NOT_READY and
> not show any results until we can show all of the results.
> Thoughts and opinions,
>  Thanks,
>    Thomas
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