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Re: [cdt-dev] Setting up inboxes for cdt components to improve triaging of defects

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Alain Magloire wrote:

I took an action to help put in place a better triaging mechanism at the last conference call. Some recent emails highlight the need to get moving on this, so here it is what I propose:

I will request that a mailing list be setup as the "owner" for each CDT component so that new defects generate mail to all those on the list rather than to a single individual. This is the way that the Eclipse project handles triage. Based on the existing CDT components, we would end up with the following lists:

parser:                 cdt-parser-inbox@xxxxxxxxxxx
core:                   cdt-core-inbox@xxxxxxxxxxx
Cpp_Extensions: cdt-cpp-extensions@xxxxxxxxxxx
Debug:                  cdt-debug-inbox@xxxxxxxxxxx
Debug-MI:               cdt-debug-mi-inbox@xxxxxxxxxxx
Doc:                    cdt-doc-inbox@xxxxxxxxxxx
Generic-Extensions:     cdt-generic-extensions@xxxxxxxxxxx
Launcher:               cdt-launcher-inbox@xxxxxxxxxxx
UI:                     cdt-ui-inbox@xxxxxxxxxxx

What I need to know is who should be on the various mailing lists? I'm assuming each list will have some subset of the overall committer population. Shall I just start with all the committers in all the lists and then allow individual committers to unsubscribe to those they are not associated with? Alternatively, each committer can email me and let me know which list they should be on.

The idea is that defects should be "owned" by these lists for only a brief period of time before being "assigned" to an actual person for fixing or rejected.

Please provide input as soon as you can, I would like to get the request off to the webmaster within the next week.

What worry me about this, is that we let PRs fall through the cracks,
since there is no real "ownership",  the CDT is an heteroclite bunch
with different goals.

Anyway I'm certainly willing to give this a "go".

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