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[cdt-dev] Adding another builder to MakeTarget

To Standard Make Gurus,

I am working on a feature that discovers scanner info (include paths and 
symbol definitions) by parsing the output of the standard make build. The 
"discovery" is looking for -D and -I flags in the build output. My intent 
is to use builder mechanism to consolidate discovered scanner info and 
contribute it to the project's scanner configuration (modified Paths and 
Symbols Tab). The "discovery" builder is supposed to run after the make 
It all works fine if a standard make project is built as a result of a 
full or incremental build. However, building through a Make Targets view 
is a problem, since the make builder is invoked explicitly. The only 
extension point I could find is a MakeTargetBuilder that allows me to 
define another builder, but MakeTarget and MakeTargetManager utilize only 
the make builder.

I would be very grateful if anyone can point me in the right direction 
with regards to adding another builder to the MakeTarget entity.

Vladimir Hirsl
Software Developer
IBM Rational Software

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