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[cdt-dev] Code completion comments

Hoda (and Bogdan),

  I finally was able to get the code completion working ... I had to create
a new project since it must have had some state stored away about the state
of the index.  It seems to work well, at least well enough that I think that
we should rip out the CTags stuff (it is currently all commented out in the
CCompletionProcessor anyway).

  A couple of things I did notice as "two steps forward one step back" are:

- The completion of a function/method no longer adds in the "()" at the end
  of the name.  It used to do this and then position the cursor either
  the brackets or after the brackets depending on the arguments (or not).
  Minor annoyance which becomes that irritating itch you can't scratch that
  drives you crazy.

- The argument hover no longer works properly.  The argument list comes up,
  but it no longer switches and highlights with the appropriate argument
  entry.  This was a big pain to get working originally so I'm not totally
  surprised that it has broken.

I'll be looking into these things "lightly" since I'm planning on being away
for the next little bit.  It would be great if you guys could take a look
into this.


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