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[cdt-dev] More pain..

After the huge response from my last email :).. I wonder if this info is of benefit to anyone. Hopefully it finds its way back to the developers who can fix a couple of things. Anyway.. this is the result of a few more hours playing/testing.

As I mentioned in my last message, I discovered that I needed to checkout my files with unix line feeds. A search on the eclipse turned up a suggestion to start eclipse with

   eclipse.exe -vmargs -Dline.separator=\n

This did seem to work when checking out files, however it also had the effect of messing up a number of configuration files. In xml files it actually placed the \n literally. This caused problems, so I went back to normal and used wincvs to checkout the files into my project directories. It would have been nicer to be able to use CVS from within eclipse, but this will do for now.

When I started to try changing the way to start eclipse I also made a decision to do so in a separate workspace. I now have two icons on the desktop, one with -data c:\java and another -data c:\cygwin\usr\dev. This seems to be an issue with the CDT debugger configuration. If I startup eclipse with the original java workspace and setup a debug target everything seems to be ok. However, using the new c:\cygwin\usr\dev workspace when I setup a new "C/C++ Local" debug target I receive an error "[Debugger]: No debugger available". The Debugger panel has an empty drop down list for Debugger: selection.

If anyone can suggest a way of getting back the debugger selection it would help a lot. I've looked through the .metadata directories for anything obvious, but haven't found anything.


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