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[cdt-dev] Follow-up to Build Model Scanner Info Discovery Mechanism

Hi Again,
I should have shown the new method in CCorePlugin for finding the provider:
public IScannerInfoProvider getScannerInfoProvider(IProject project) {
        IScannerInfoProvider provider = null;
        if (project != null) {
                try {
                        ICDescriptor desc = (ICDescriptor) getCProjectDescription(project);
                        ICExtensionReference[] extensions = desc.get(BUILD_SCANNER_INFO_UNIQ_ID);
                        if (extensions.length > 0)
                                provider = (IScannerInfoProvider) extensions[0].createExtension();
                } catch (CoreException e) {
        return provider;

I think that about covers it.

Sean Evoy
Rational Software - IBM Software Group
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

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