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Re: [cdt-dev] Interesting "starter" work project

> I'd like to continue working on this, submitting my changes as a bunch =
> of smaller patches rather than one large patch, as Thomas suggested.  =
> I'd like to work on the following:
> - Remove references to CLibFilter
> I think this is dead code now, but removing this changes some public =
> methods that are referenced elsewhere.
> - Fix the collapse all control
> After collapsing all, this should be disabled or turned into an expand =
> all.
> - Improve drag and drop
> Drag and drop works on a per-file basis.  I think it would be nice if =
> you could drag and drop functions/classes around, sort of like a =
> re-factoring operation.  This could get sticky because we'll also need =
> to make sure referenced types are correct transferred as well.
> - Improve filtering
> I think it would be nice to filter on object types; for example, exclude =
> #include entries in the tree view.  I would also like to see some visual =
> indication that the view is filtered, indicating the number of items =
> matched out of the population, akin to the Tasks view.
> Of course, I'm more than happy to work on other things not mentioned.

How about formating ? 8-)
This one been on the back burner for sometimes and push to the sidelines.
For example JDT does formating internally or via a contribution.  So
if someone provide an implementation for the CodeFormat extension point
It could be pickup and use by the Editor.

how about to do the same for CDT and maybe provide an implementation
that spawns "GNU indent" suprisingly I did not find any C format in Java!

The other areas you mention are fine, but you might want to send an email
first to reduce the probably of clashing.

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