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Re: [cdt-dev] Re: [cdt-patch] Initial Dependency Tree Patch

Hi Thomas -

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you - it's been one of those days.The need for a dependency tree service stems from 2 immediate reqs:

1. The indexer needs to be able to determine include structures in order to properly re-index files/projects as header files change.
2. The managed build needs to get dependencies for makefile generation.

This "new " dependency service uses the scanner to generate dependencies. Dependencies are calculated and stored on a per project basis. Currently there are no triggers for the service apart from a check box on the Indexers tab, but the idea is to make the dependency respond to build changes, and to trigger it on request.

The dependency service in its current state is wired to use the include paths/defined symbols from the managed build. This, of course, will change but it brings to light an important point that we need to reach some form of consensus on: in order to enable indexing/search we need to allow a build system to provide include info/symbol definition. Without this there can be no indexing...
Alex, how are you calculating dependencies?


"Thomas Fletcher" <thomasf@xxxxxxx>
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07/24/2003 06:13 PM

Please respond to

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[cdt-dev] Re: [cdt-patch] Initial Dependency Tree Patch


 What kind of interesting and exciting things does this patch do?  We have
a developer
on our side (hi Alex) who has done some work in terms of implementing
generic accross
the board build dependancies (ie header file changes ... all source files
affected are marked
for re-compilation).  It was done in a manner which was agnostic to the
builder (ie it just
"touched" the file) since the builder discussions and API's were not yet
nailed down and it
also isn't as granular (ie noticing what structure got changed, then only
hitting files which
actually use that structure as opposed to a whole header file) as we would
like until the
full model/search/refactor capabilities start coming in.

 Is what you are submitting here something along the same lines, or is it a
different type
of dependancy tree that you are building?

Enquiring minds (and developers!) everywhere want to know!  It also is an
area where
we can help out since we do have some functionality which works in this


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From: "Bogdan Gheorghe" <gheorghe@xxxxxxxxxx>
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Sent: Wednesday, July 23, 2003 4:12 PM
Subject: [cdt-patch] Initial Dependency Tree Patch

> Here's a first take at the dependency tree service which is needed by
> both the managed build and the indexer. The service is in a really early
> form with no persistance or notification mechanisms in place yet. There
> is just enough in here to allow Sean to get his makefile dependencies. I
> added a check box to the indexer tab to enable the service on a per
> project basis. Note that this is the only trigger at the moment for
> generating a dependency tree... (This patch has no direct influence on
> any other components)
> - Bogdan

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