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Re: [cdt-dev] build ui thoughts

Sally, Gene wrote:

Another problem is persisting this data. I'm not sure if this is something that we want to persist as part of the project or the user's workspace.
I'd say that the set of defined build goals, named sets etc should be persisted with the project, but the current selection lives in the workspace. If Albert always works on the Win32 port (goal) of a project and Bob always works on the Linux port, they don't want CVS syncs to be changing build goals all the time.

One other thing I've been wondering about is linking the default build goal, default run app and default debug app somehow - if I've just built foo.exe, it could be argued that clicking Debug should debug foo.exe, even if the last debugged app was bar.exe. Not sure about this though; it would mean tying build goals to binaries, and throwing out that layer of indirection could lose a fair amount of flexibility.

- Mike

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