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Re: [cdt-dev] New plugins for the make builder

In relation to this I would like to give a summary of what we are planning for the Standard make builder.

- pull builder out of cdt.core and move to new plugin.
- create new nature for standard make.
- move make builder options (ui page) to it own property page (currently the build settings tab under C/C++ Project page.)
- move make view to new plugins
- add the following new options for the builder.
   - directory to run build command in.
   - options to run build on auto, incremental or full.
- ability to specify the default build target for each build type (auto/incremental/full) .
- turn make actions into contributions (CView).
- create new dialog to launch/create user-define targeted builds other than 'all', 'clean' and 'clean all' (Note would use an underlying public API so that the managed build could add any targets it create on the project). - create a convert action for old project to move them to the new nature/builder. (for backward compatibility)

Thoughts, comments?


Alain Magloire wrote:


Could these plugins be created in the repository for CDT

	Same thing should be done for the managed build in the feature (*).


This is the first step to the clean of the CDT std make build.

* Names are subject to change 8-)

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