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[cdt-dev] CDT Redboot support?

This message is for those of you who are 
interested in embedded work with applications 
running out of flash...

Today CDT provides a frontend to GDB, presumably to
provide a smooth edit/make/debug cycle.

But for embedded applications, we can have a scenario
which isn't supported as smoothly:

- modify application
- make
- upload application to target. Possibly write to flash,
using some bootloader, e.g. Redboot. This is sometimes
done using TCP/IP and FTP, possibly serial and ymodem, etc.
(I have 256k ram and 2MB flash, so my application does not fit
into RAM, hence GDB+Redboot doesn't do the trick).
- set breakpoint(possibly hardware breakpoint in flash).
- reset target (doable from GDB using "monitor" target
speficic commands)
- run application

I've got some pieces to the puzzle:

- I'm putting together a patch for Redboot which will allow
it to write my application directly to flash from serial
- I've compiled lsz for CygWin, but couldn't figure out how
to invoke it from the command line.

- I need to find a hardware JTAG debug solution. Today I'm
using Wiggler, but the software has major issues under >=W2K.

I've had some luck with Torsten Mohrs stuff, but it isn't
done yet for the target I'm working on(Atmel EB40a).


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