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Re: [cdt-dev] As promised, an FAQ start

I think that there is benefit in explaining how to setup preferred 
toolchains with CDT.  (GNU, Cygnus, etc.)
At least then users will understand what type of support they are going to 
get ... right now it seems kind of open ended that's all. 


"David Ryan" <oobles@xxxxxxxxxxx> 
Sent by: cdt-dev-admin@xxxxxxxxxxx
07/07/2003 08:37 PM
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Re: [cdt-dev] As promised, an FAQ start

>Q: I just installed Eclipse and the CDT.  However, CDT does not recognize
>existing toolchain [ie Visual Studio, Borland, Watcom, Cygwin, MinGW, 
>etc]. How do I make the CDT recognize these tools?
>A: The current CDT doesn't integrate with a specific toolchain, but 
>integrates with a build command, such as make, nmake, jam ant etc and 
>build command drives the toolchain.  The default build command is make, 
>can be configured as part of the project properties.

As a new user to CDT.  This problem has stopped me from going any further 
than installing it.  I found the installation very easy, but after that it 

was like hitting a big wall of jelly.  From then it seemed the only way 
forward was hunt information and play.  Right now I haven't got much time 
for that.

I would suggest that the above question is probably the most important 
after installation.  The first thing people will want to do (well.. I did) 

is pick a currently worked on project and bring it into eclipse.
A clear set of steps is required here, instead of "can be configured as 
of the project properties" description.  As I said.. I still haven't got 
passed this step, so am still interested in the answer. :)

After  a project is compiling and running, anything else is extra and can 
learnt over time.  It was because of this that I was interested in 
a plug-in with compilers and various tools built into the plugin.  It 
allow people to  1. Install Eclipse 2. Install CDT 3. Install Toolchain 4. 

Drop in project 5. Run it..

Just my 2c worth. :)

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