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RE: [cdt-dev] Interesting "starter" work project


I've been plugging away at this.  CView now descends from ResourceNavigator and I've gotten some clean-up in as well.  For entertainment, I reworked the Make menu so it walks the targets in ManagedBuildManager, but in order to get this all the way working, the MakeAction class will need to be updated to fit the new build model or, if that breaks too much other stuff, I'll create a ManagedMakeAction class.

Next, I'm going to get my head around drag and drop so it starts doing the right thing.


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Subject: [cdt-dev] Interesting "starter" work project


  I started to get back to cleaning up the CView a bit today, and I think
that for anyone
who is lurking out there and wanting to get involved, a great project would
be to clean
up the CView so that it implements the IResourceNavigator interface, likely
by inheriting
from the ResourceNavigator class.  It is probably a good couple of evenings
work if
anyone is interested.


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