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Re: [cdt-dev] About project properties.

> Alain,
> If you think about it, this is not a ton of work. There is a clear 
> dependency between the scanner and the build information. You have pointed 
> out that the debugger needs lib path information. Finally, different build 
> systems should provide wizards and property page support that is 
> appropriate. The nature defines what property pages get shown, not the 
> build system, so that really isn't part of the interface, just part of the 
> work.

Yes, agreed.
It was in the plan to move this out of the "C/C++ Project" property page.
It was done like this, .. because of lack fo time 8-(.

The idea was to have a "std make nature" and a Property page assosiate with it.
Page to set the path of the command to exec(), by default "make", and pages
to set manually include paths and library paths.  This was voluntary minimalist
and at the control of the experience users.

For more complex/smarter things a new build was needed and you are working
on it 8-).

Later, for the rest of the thread.

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