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Re: [cdt-dev] About project properties.

> I guess that is the major problem with the CBuilder concept.  In the end, 
> there is very little that can be shared between the builders, so why 
> bother.
> My intention is to create a nature for the standard make builder and a 
> nature for the managed make builder.  The paths and symbols page will only 
> appear with standard make.  A much more complicated page will appear for 
> managed make.  Neither will appear if neither nature is there.  I still 
> have to figure out a way to upgrade existing standard make projects with 
> the new nature automatically without applying it to the QNX builder.
> Thoughts?

This is one reason, at least at the beginning, we've been pushing for a "build model"
Where "build model" is a set of simple interfaces that a "CDT Builder" must follow.
So whether the project has for builder:

"Standard Make builder"
"QnX builder"
"Managed Make"
"Timesys Builder"

So when the parser needs to grab the include paths:

	String[] ICBuilder.getIncludePaths();

The debugger needs libraries

	String[] ICBuilder.getLibraryPaths();

For "Standard Make" empty arrays will probably be return but the "Managed
Make" has all the infos.

I will officially ask later to create a new plugin
or something to move the standard make outside of the CDT.

Can we see if can come up with a common set of methods that all
builder should follow ?

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