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[cdt-dev] Re: Applied [HEAD] Re: [cdt-patch] Support for task tags, and more... (initial

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> I'm going to apply the patch although I think that perhaps we should 
> decide architecturally how the parser ties into this feature before you 
> continue on too much further, Victor. 
> Dual errors are not the end of the world ... sometimes in the JDT you'll 
> see the same compile error coming up as 2 tasks (for some errors, not 
> all). 
> The issues as I see them are as follows: 
>   a) what is the cost of reconciling all of these errors?
>   b) are all parsing clients responsible for pushing these errors to the 
> reconciler?  do they have discretion as to what errors they think are 
> task-worthy? 
>   c) how do we make sure that Parser bugs which manifest as IProblem do 
> not show up in the user's task bar?
> Alain & Douglas I would welcome your opinions. 

Sorry for the delay(see note (1) below).

Yes, it is a good start.  As Victor's pointing out there are a certain
number of things that can be implemented even with a partial/incomplete
parse.  I have the same concerns then JohnC, what do you have in mind
for IProblem and reconciling the builders markers and the parsers markers?
Sure we can arrive to a compromise and a working plan.

So what's your plan?

(1) I'll be off/on vacation during the entire summer.  So some delays in
responding to querys/emails.

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