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[cdt-dev] Next CDT Conference Call Postponed to Wed. July 9

As suspected, holidays and vacation plans made for low participation this week, so we decided to postpone the next CDT conference call until next Wednesday, July 9.

Same conference bridge details as below.


Kleo Hapitas
Program Manager
IBM Software Group - Rational
Tel: (613) 591 2913



We've talked about wanting to get back onto having monthly CDT conference calls on the first Wednesday of every month. That would make the next call on Wednesday July 2. Given the holidays (both in Canada and the US) next week, we may not have many participants. If the people who usually dial in to these calls feel that next week would not make sense, we could put the call off until the week after (July 9).

For now l'll assume that the call will take place as planned on July 2, and if I start to see responses that we should delay it I'll send out another email to that effect.

Meeting Agenda:

- Program level updates
      - CDT 1.2 content
      - CDT 1.2 schedule
      - CDT 2.0 timing

- Participant updates (around the virtual table)

- Discussion of other frameworks/features (not already covered as part of the CDT 1.2 discussion)

- Infrastructure
      - Builds
      - Web Site

- Documentation

- Verification

- Other

Conference Call details are:

Dial-in:  1 866 680 0993  (international: 1 865 297 1125)
Participant Code: 940468


Kleo Hapitas
Program Manager
IBM Software Group - Rational
Tel: (613) 591 2913

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