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[cdt-dev] Re: Rejected Re: Fixes for PR 39476, 39477 + some cleanup

Moving this to the DEV list so Doug doesn't chastise me yet again.

Victor wrote:
> Just to clarify things: I didn't plan to do more work on general problem
> handling (as JohnC assumed). The scope of these patches is still just task
> tags support. In my mail I just oulined how existing mechanism for _task_tags_
> support could be extended to support general problem reporting. Existing
> CProblemReconciler deals with task tags problems, only. There is no new functionality
> comparing to already applied initial patch - it is just the code that was previously
> piggybacked into CModelBuilder, and now it is extracted into separate class. We can
> name it CTaskReconciler, for all that matters. Again, the only problems that are
> handled by this mechanism are task tags.

> The only reason to hook up task reconciling with the indexer is because it is a
> proper location to collect tasks; we need to parse all the sources in the
> project/workspace to collect all the tasks, and indexer does exactly that.
> It doesn't affect indexer behavior.  

As of right now, the sentiment on the list (at least from Thomas, Doug and myself) is
that hooking this up to the parser right now is problematic, as more likely than not,
we will either confuse the user with invalid errors or flood them with duplicate errors.

If the interface is just implemented as stubs, it serves only to clutter code up on
a feature that is going to have significant development & churn over the next few months.
If the interface was to be implemented, its another thing that we will need to test and
validate architecturally.  

I would love to have a feature like this working as smoothly as what is in the JDT (w/quick
fixes et al) but its going to take us some time to get there, that's all. If you reorganize the
packages a bit, removing as many dependencies as you can to-and-from the parser, indexer and
C-Model, I'd feel better about it.

> And ParserFactory doesn't produce any CModel elements in this patch, does it?

RCS file: /home/tools/org.eclipse.cdt.core/parser/org/eclipse/cdt/core/parser/,v
retrieving revision 1.5
diff -u -r1.5
--- parser/org/eclipse/cdt/core/parser/        28 Jun 2003 22:39:33 -0000        1.5
+++ parser/org/eclipse/cdt/core/parser/        30 Jun 2003 13:29:05 -0000
+import org.eclipse.cdt.core.model.ITranslationUnit;
+        public static ITranslationResult createTranslationResult( ITranslationUnit tu )
+        {
+                return new TranslationResult(tu);
+        }


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