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[cdt-dev] Thoughts on the CDT - CVS repository

Hey gang,

I thought I would throw this out there and see what people think.  We've 
had a request to move the managed build work into a separate 
plugin/feature so that people incorporating the CDT into their products 
can chose not to include it.  There has also been some discussion on a 
win32 debugger integration and then I have my automated nightly build 
stuff that should probably go into source control as well.  And then, I'm 
sure there are many other contributed projects that could get started. So, 
in the end, I don't see any way out of the scenario where we're just going 
to have a lot of projects in CVS to keep our momentum and feature set 
growing.  And that's not even mentioning the change log scripts we'd like 
to get running on our projects.

My main concern is that it feels to me that the process to get these 
projects set up and maintained is so cumbersome that I am weary to even 
start the process.  Maybe it's just my perception but, having maintained 
CVS servers locally, I know that requests that are taking days or weeks 
and several round trips to get the information right could be done in 
minutes with the right permissions set on the server.  I realize that we 
need the right set of PMC approvals to put things up there, especially 
with newly emphasized requirements for due diligence, but I'm not sure 
that's really the bottleneck at this time, and Sebastien can confirm this.

So, I was thinking of possible alternatives, some of them crazy, but here 
they are:
- move the cdt project into it's own CVS repository on and 
allow a certain set of committers to add/change projects, upon approval of 
the PMC, of course.
- move the cdt project to an entirely different server (like sourceforge) 
- this is the wacky one BTW.
- allow a certain set of committers to fire in commands to the 
CVS maintainers to make sure things get set up timely and correctly, again 
with PMC approvals.

Any thoughts?  And I don't mind people calling me a whiner about this.

Doug Schaefer, Senior Software Developer
IBM Rational Software, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

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