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Re: [cdt-dev] Adding a compiler project?


Thanks for the reply. I'll take your answer as 'good idea, but maybe wait until 1.2'.

In terms of Makefile generation, its not something I would be concerned about. The makefiles our projects use are nicely customised. I would hope that eclipse CDT won't get in the way of that. The main feature I'd be looking for is being able to publish the pre-compiled cross compilers as a package that the various projects can use directly from within eclipse. Possibly setting paths so makefiles will know where to find the various tools.

For now I'll have a look at the latest CDT versions and keep an eye on progress here.
Thanks again,

We are currently working on a build system for CDT that you could use to
provide an implementation for your cross-compilation set-up. The 'Managed
Build' (name likely to change) system uses target, configuration, rule,
and tool specifications it finds in the ManagedBuildInfo extension point
to build projects. The most recent builds, available through an update
site, contain the early stages of this work. If you haven't already done
so, create a new site bookmark to in your
update/install perspective. Then you can get the most recent builds as we
move towards CDT 1.2.

After you get the latest, I suggest you take a look at the New | Project |
C (or C++) Project | Managed Make wizard. As you run it, you will see that
there are only two choices of targets. However, you can add new targets in
the org.eclipse.cdt.ui/plugin.xml file. You will find an extension point
there called ManagedBuildInfo. The schema of this extension point will
change a bit as we close on the final design, but it is a good starting
point. You can add you own target and configurations; just use the current
Cygwin settings as a starting point. There is also a UI associated with
this system. It considers the information in the extension point when it
displays options to the user.

I should warn you that the makefile generation is still in its infancy. We
will be addressing these short-comings starting next week. We are also
trying to accommodate the requirements of several of our partners in this
project, so the schema and specifications of targets and configurations
will be changing in the next while too.

Sean Evoy
Rational Software - IBM Software Group
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

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