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Re: [cdt-dev] objdump/addr2line problems

Anthony Green wrote:


EditorUtility.getStorage(IBinary) currently uses "objdump" to extract
info from a binary image.  This is really only guaranteed to work for
native binaries.  Many people using cross tools prefix the binutils
names with something related to their target (for instance,
mips-elf-objdump).  There's a similar problem for addr2line, and perhaps

Is anybody working on this problem?

Not actively working on the problem, but like Chris, the solution we had to support this type of configuration (we have support for 5 target platform build environments) was to specify our own build configuration. We have recently run into some snags
specifically with addr2line and wanting to make that "target specific".

Looking forward to having this target discussion to hash this out some more.


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