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[cdt-dev] Re: CDT Parsing Callback

Moving to dev list.

We basically put the interfaces in internal because we didn't feel they 
were ready to make public.  We should start moving them now as they start 
to mature.  I'll let John C handle the details.

Doug Schaefer
Rational Software - IBM Software Group
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

"Alain Magloire" <alain@xxxxxxx>
05/06/2003 10:26 AM
        To:     jcamelon@xxxxxxxxxxxx, hamer@xxxxxxxxxxxx
        cc:     Douglas Schaefer/Ottawa/IBM@IBMCA, dinglis@xxxxxxx
        Subject:        CDT Parsing Callback


                 The new parser does not provide a visible(1) callback 
The old callback provided by the old parser was not extensible enough.
Any ideas on where to start.

(1) visible: meaning it is public an not under a org.eclipse.*.internal.*
The *internal* package name is reserve fo the implementation see eclipse 

P.S.:  I was not sure if you folks wanted to start this in the cdt-* 
mailing list.
If you prefer, I can resend this email to the cdt-core-dev.

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