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[cdt-dev] CDT and GCJ


  I had some private query about this.

Basically, its "almost" usable but not very

- create a Java Project
- ... do normal java stuff etc ..
- convert the Java Project into a C Project
  this will add the "C Nature" and builder
- Since now there is no managed build, you will
  have to create a Makefile and set things up.

- build ... "Make"(or whatever build command) should
  be invoked creating an executable.

- Create a C launcher choosing the executable created
  by gcj

 and debug.

But we are more thinking on the line of providing a JDI
interface in front of GDB via the (CDI --> GDB/MI) and
reusing the JDT debug plugin for the long run.

If someone is interrested, feel free to drop me an email.
The discussion may be outside of the scope of the mailing list.


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